ANSA Bank Carnival Roll Back Contest Terms & Conditions

  1. The ‘ANSA Bank-TRIBE Carnival Roll Back’ contest will run from February 10th – 22nd, 2023.
  2. The ‘ANSA Bank-TRIBE Carnival Roll Back’ contest is open only to masqueraders of TRIBE, BLISS and HARTS for Carnival 2023.
  3. There will be ONE grand prize which will be awarded to the winner of the contest.
  4. The grand prize will be a roll-back or reimbursement of the cost that the participant/masquerader has inccurred to purchase their Carnival costume from TRIBE/BLISS/HARTS Mas Band, up to a maximum of TT$7,000.
  5. In order to be eligible for the contest, participants must be a resident of Trinidad and Tobago.
  6. To enter, each participant must complete the online entry form at
  7. Each masquerade is limited to one (1) entry for the duration of the contest.
  8. The winner will be selected by random draw by ANSA Bank Limited on February 23rd, 2023 and the winner will be announced on ANSA Bank’s Facebook and Instagram pages on February 27th, 2023.
  9. The winner will be contacted by ANSA Bank Limited by phone or email and must acknowledge and agree to claim their prize within one (1) week or the prize will be re-assigned.
  10. The winner will be asked to show evidence of the total cost of their TRIBE/BLISS/HARTS Carnival 2023 Costume in order to determine the amount to be re-imbursed (up to a maximum of $7,000).
  11. The re-imbursement (up to TT$7,000) will be credited to an ANSA Bank account that will be opened in the winner’s name.
  12. The prize is non-transferrable; it cannot be transferred to another masquerader.
  13. Employees of ANSA Bank, TRIBE/BLISS/HARTS, their respective agencies and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter this contest.
  14. ANSA Bank Limited reserves the right to modify or cancel this contest at any time.
  15. This contest is approved by the NLCB.